A Happy Mom, Health Entrepreneur, and Pregnancy Expert

Dr. N Khan is a lady doctor, a mother of a beautiful baby girl, and a first-generation entrepreneur. She is the owner of the Healingberries Solutions Network which revolves around female health. Healingberries is a combination of the digital and physical world for Indian Women. Her passion is to treat her patients with empathy. She has got a formal education and training in the medical field but her love for mother nature brings her closer to her patients. She believes that mother nature has provided us a variety of natural ingredients that can be so helpful if used at right time and in the right quantity.


This website represents all the different aspects of the different gifts that mother nature provides to humankind. The focus of this blog is to provide enough information to new generation women about herbs and their true benefits. You can ask questions related to your health to Dr. Khan and she will make you feel amazed by her knowledge and behavior.